A Duck.  A Talent.  A Dream.

Pluck, a very special duck, has extraordinary talents. But no one knows, not even his friend Mrs. Macker. Watch what happens when Pluck decides to reveal what he can really do. Will he risk everything to share his talents and follow his dream?

This vibrant, rhyming children’s story delivers fun and excitement while presenting powerful messages of standing up for yourself, taking risks, forgiving others, and valuing friendship. 

Complete with questions and activities, this delightful book for ages 4-8 further engages children at home, at the library, and in the classroom.

Book Details

8 x 10 | 40 pages

ISBN  978-1-7367765-3-7 hard cover  $17.95

ISBN 978-1-7367765-1-3 soft cover  $12.95

ISBN 978-1-7367765-2-0 ebook  $7.99

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What Early Readers Are Saying…

“Who would think the story told in delightful verse of a talented duck could tell such a powerful tale of sharing one’s talents and asking for and receiving forgiveness?
Peggy Albertine, Elementary School Teacher 35+ years
“What a fun and interesting rhyming story, designed to teach our young folk to put themselves out there, pursue their passions, and build up those around them. A must read for anyone, young or old.
Katie Ivy, Third Grade Teacher
“This charming tale of friendship, communication, and overcoming fears is also a lesson for all ages in the equality of all living things, and how even youngsters can protect nature! I love this book for its appeal to all ages to communicate without anger. The lesson that animals and humans are of vital importance to each other is a wonderful bonus! A must-read for kids of all ages! Regard for nature, compassion for others and the “free-to-be-you-and-me” message are delightfully conveyed. This book encourages respectful communication and respect for nature in a story with plenty of suspense!
Carla M. Payne, Psy.D.

How This Story Came to Be

Throughout her life, Ruth Gomah enjoyed acting and learning. In one of her classes in the 1980s, an English professor encouraged her to publish a delightful story she wrote called Mrs. Macker’s Quacker. However, the story sat in a drawer for years as she pursued her dream of becoming a character actress.

Later in life, she gave the story to her friend and co-worker, Barbara Nelson, to publish if possible. Barbara created a publishing team to help her share Ruth’s story. Chiwah Slater loved the story, enhanced it, and turned it into a rhyming children’s story. Darrin Drda brought it to life with illustrations. With this creative team, the book emerged with a delightful story complete with questions and activities to further engage children at home, at the library, and in the classroom.

Pluck and all the other ducks along with animals, insects, and plants are part of our beautiful planet. We are all children of the earth and have a responsibility to take care of our planet for all to live on and enjoy.

Barbara is donating a portion of the proceeds to help educate children about our environment. Together, we can all create a friendly place for kids and adults to raise their left wing and their right and do their part to keep Earth safer for all life.

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